for Keikei

you whispered
you love my cells
love to slide along
and into them
those cells in
my thigh my
back my chest
my cells,
you breathed
to me in a
folding of
the dark,
make your cells
shine like a
channelling of
moon along your
thighs make your
cells twist around
mine and take
them in
you love,
you wrote
with your finger
along my cheek,
the bits of me
those ladders
of DNA you
would roll
around yours.
i bit the
rise of your
hip to say
how i
in turn
love to lap
your cells
in touch
to lick
to breathe
your cells
a smell that
sears the
to arch
a windy
clear night sky
in them until
the sun lifts
in each and
every one
of them
and we are
burst apart
torn along
our cells again
back into

 january 2017

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