I returned to Aotearoa in 2012 after an absence of over 26 years, and now live looking out over the Tamaki estuary, Te Wai Mokoia, on the opposite shore from that where I grew up (Bucklands Beach – Musick Point, Te Naupata).  Over there our home was just a 3 – 4 minute stroll from the beach. This estuary, its tides, the light on its water are still everywhere through whatever I write, seeping through me to this day, like a tide under the night jetty. No matter how far I have left this sea astern, it has always come back to me in dream or memory.  Now I am beside it again.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello, Peter. It has been some months since I’ve visited your site, and I suppose you have noticed the old poetry nz webpage has been taken down? I think now I will have to explore the methods of wordpress and create somewhere to publish.


    1. Hi Dean, Yes, Nicholas took it down, and wrote me he was thinking about redesigning it, and putting it back up again. However, in my experience, I wouldn’t imagine that’s going to happen too soon, and in fact may never happen at all. You can try using a Word Press platform, which costs me around $80 per year to run (including the annual registration of the domain name). If you are willing to pay more you have the option of uploading sound files and even video (personally, it’s easier for me to just post a link to my Youtube postings). The only drawback of any site is the amount of time you will spend fiddling about doing all this. Sometimes I think it’s just easier to post things on Facebook and forget about all this (photos, recordings etc). It’s challenging to get people to notice the site, and I can’t say I’ve been very successful in that regard. Best of luck, and you’re welcome to ask me any questions. Regards, Peter..


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