mind cave

mind cave

When the full-tide locks them in, they become world’s to themselves….. a Weathercat Saturday snap

walking the low tide your eye
stayed far from those low caves
along the cliffs, scoops of shadow,
something troubling about caves
in mind, you were elsewhere.
kneeling on the reef at the tidal pools
an instant blown unclear
trawling your hand through the
warmish water in wait for the
treasures of miniature cod
that bulbous white dab down
the spine, flipping over rocks
treacherous with cool slime
scattering the small purple crabs
underneath, looking for the
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children of the moon

children of the moon
for Keikei

Like silly reflections we ran from moon to moon…. picture taken by the Weathercats

we run
from night
to night to
find that secret
place where the moon
beds down the
silver grows
around us
links our hearts in
dream like a tide
abreast the shell
and full of each
other we sleep
in each other
around each
of the moon

june 2016

Copyright © 2016 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music is by Brian Eno from his ‘Ambient 1: Music for Airports’. 


dedicated to the staff and residents of the Switzer home, Kaitaia

‘Hark, hark’ the dogs of age do bark....

never having been there
i’d always thought old age
a coat you would put on
when you felt the
time right
the right time
tawdry but stately
you having become
the beggar in a velvet gown
at your own door
something come back
from so far off
that was
always there
a childhood rhyme
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