guitar street

guitar street

“Harlequin with guitar”, print on canvas by Pablo Picasso

the corner of that building
in sun and the awning
of shadow coming down
are the chord of
my guitar

water rippling
on the lake
its strings

people come and go
in front of the guitar
like clouds some with
showers written across
them some in the sun
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marriage of ruin foretold

Detail from Paris and Helen by Jacques-Louis David (1748–1825)

Marriage of ruin foretold The couple on everyone’s lips, Paris and Eleni, a reconstruction based on what someone, who worked in the very cafe, told me they claimed to have heard, and what the talking bird saw from its cage and still playing out in its eye         first meeting in the Cafe ‘Sparta’   never a dark warmer a sorrow under your eyes   i offer them only a smiling        emptiness   expect flame upon me.         second meeting   drinking coffee with you from each other’s cup, the other diners not even in our eye, as if we cared...   the sharp taste of your eyes   shying away in laughter   at my mean      grasp.   i’ll kill us both this way.         third meeting   body shapes body i know   i believe Continue reading "marriage of ruin foretold"

christmas table

christmas table
      to June Le Baige

The ‘bright miles’ at Ahipara waiting to carry you…. taken before the Weathercats were even raindrops

at the edge
miles of sea
windless or windy
in the hard sun
or brimming
cave of
the moon

your table
this year
was leaner
than ever
a call at the
a couple
of friends
a nephew
and cups of
tea you
to pour

making slow
with your
across the
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