for Mark, Ross & Nada

jamieson bay

a trip
on highway
and off
along a
summer road
and i looked
down at bays
moored yachts
and hills like deeper
shades of the sea.
at his bach that had
wandered up its
own drive,
though Ross was
under a worsening
weather, he could still
dish it out to you,
the comeback,
that only proved
what solid legs
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the light fixed
over the water
at night draws
them down
onto the mirroring
skin that bends
breaks under
their light-footed
claw or bristled
span of leg
and their
closing them
down under it
in long starving
breath legs working
in vain knowing only
back and forth
under the water
impassably taut
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hollywood lunch

hollywood lunch
   overheard in Beverly Hills


it’s like this,
this young guy
‘gallant’ even
maybe a bit
chicken deep down
with his brother
visits a big shot in
a far town his
brother’s trying to
do business with,
woos the big shot’s
wife while his brother’s
busy with talks over
the banquet table,
beds her and
smitten with her
ferrets her out
of the big shot’s
mansion she’s
stowed in the boot
unbeknownst to
big brother who
doesn’t catch on
till they get back
to their own castle.
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