night run
Image of night train courtesy of stuff.co.nz

sleep has    wounds  
you  wake   ‡  under the darkness  
the sound    of a train  
broken    along the line  
comes  through    the wound  ‡   ‡   ‡   ‡  ‡ ‡ ‡‡

a bird
picking   at  a star


Copyright ©2015 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music is from the track ‘Completion’ from the collaboration ‘Ocean Fire’ between Christopher Willits & Ryuichi Sakamoto.


53rd view from a catscope

53rd view from a catscope

What would they know of me, the mere doubters…. Big Cat by Little Cat.

they whispered of me,
said i was a cat who’d
lost his way, couched
in winter comforts, wary
of the winds and the rains,
just a cat, they said who’d
lost his lust to ramble.
i bided my time on the
bed snug as a cockle shell
in the estuary mud, waited
the night when the clock
of stars chimed its
cold and dainty hours on
the moon’s wane mantel,
a breeze like a glimmer
of streetlight across
the channel, and i
slipped through the
creak of the cat door
as it lifted, and wended
through your sleeps the
streets i know as well as
the reach of my whiskers
true to the call of duck
and gull, true to the
tides returning.

july 23, 2019

Copyright ©2020 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music is from a live recording of Bach – Cello Suite No. 6 in D major BWV 101 by Sergey Malov on a Violoncello da spalla for the Netherland’s ‘All of Bach’ project. Big Cat likes these rich tones.

such words

such words

for sun and mangrove too shall banner their words… image laid to eye by the Weathercats

some words
are prayers
in themselves
no need of a
long breath to
know their song


such words
are worked in
gold in grief
in shadow of
the fallen day
in sky found
of morning


some words
we take into
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