so believed

so believed*

Rainer & Lou
no child
this gentle man
yet don’t they say
it’s the children
who see angels
who hear god’s
voice above their
he had not written
to his best love*
for a year
yet sick now
unto death
his body ripped
through with pain
he begged his doctor
to write her

apple kiss

apple kiss
for Keikei

Claude Monet - apples
Apple Trees in Bloom at Giverny, 1901, by Claude Monet

so i dream
in the cold
of the year
the doors
creaking open
so wanting i
to surprise you
into happiness
trick you
into love
catch you in
the flow of the
hand like an
apple fallen
from the

june 2016

Copyright © 2016 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

Handel’s Violin Sonata, Op.1 No.13 as performed by Richard Egarr (harpsichord) & Andrew Manze (violin)

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