murchison afternoon

murchison afternoon
for my father gold-mining
december 2011, revised 2021
murchison – westport

Matakitaki Bridge
Matakitaki Bridge after the 1929 earthquake; photo sourced from RNZ & attributed to John Spencer

its heyday already
over, the place
shaken to a ghost
of itself, when the
hills caved in*,
wouldn’t have
gone ahead by much
in your days here,
a man of the mountains
come down to the town
for flour, a beer,
a look through the
general store
never bargaining
on prices, at most
just shaking your
head with hat
in hand.

in the pub
getting a coffee
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it raineth

it raineth
    September 2013

The rain settled in,…..a snap by the wet Weathercats

anyone could
see the rain’s
set in
‘the rain it
raineth everyday’*
in for the long
haul down ridge
and range on
paddock and muddy
track the low clouds
kapok coming undone
the rain falling on
bowsprit and cockpit
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