lift that tail

lift that tail
28 august 2013

lift that tail
Many thanks to local artist, poet & writer Susannah MacDonald for kindly providing this so very vivid blackbird sketch from her personal archives.

lift that tail
on the top of
the fence
pale wood
or painted
the top of
the fence you
just caught
in flight
with your
two fine
lift that tail
as you
dive for
worm down
there in the
lift that tail
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this polished sleep

this polished sleep
march 2014
Inspired by the extract of Kafka’s letter to Felice Bauer, as quoted in Reiner Stach’s ‘Kafka the Decisive Years’ on page 143: ‘ “Keep in mind…:’

Envelope of a letter from Franz to Felice, image sourced from NateDSanders auction house.

this sleep
i will not spend
shall not dream away
lost in first light over
rooves the night’s
work woken to
before me on the
rather i give
this sleep into
your eyes,
sweet woman,
to sleep your fill
ask only that
you dream quietly
no wild dreams,
dear heart, storm
through the peace
finely closed into
your eyes
a man of my ilk
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poem at the behest of a cat

poem at the behest of a cat
having run 52 times back to his
old stamping ground
july 2019

Assembling his craft in dreams to sail in the midnight

the days strung into
nights with rain
i slept wound tight
on the dressing gown in
midships of the bed, in
dream i strengthened
my river craft with a
feather here, a fishbone there
and crowned the chopstick mast
with a cockle shell pawed from
stiff estuary mud, the craft i build
in dream yet sail in the narrow hours
of the night, the sprats they winked
and nudgingly laughed awaiting me
in the cold underflow to be put
gladly into harness, when he was
flummoxed in human sleep and heeded
not my whereabouts last night when
the weathers had cleared like
a window long fogged over,
these days of rain now a night
of starlight singing, i crossed
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