tokyo of energy dawn

tokyo of energy dawn
remembering the city
september 2022

Roman legion signum with thanks to our Owl to Owl Man about the Arts in Tokyo, our onsite colour selector, Mr Hugh Palmer for the courtesy of being there for the image.

tokyo at dawn
out of the
slept, out of
the unslept
not much
on that sky
of pale
of house
cable strung
from poles
sky of
not much
comic readers
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tarred & feathered, nay

tarred & feathered, nay
december 8, 2012, howick domain
re-edited march 2023

The cricket crew, not yet committed to full whites, but King Magpie is strolling & watching, a Weathercat Production moment steal.

the young
boys in white,
the cricket
crew, are
out there
on the field,
into it,
king magpie,
pride of
our domain,
is watching
from the
the oval
mark, hands
behind his
back, noting
all that white
is fine but
simply doesn’t
cut it without
a counter strike
of black he
would swipe
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this poem was in part inspired by a visit, some 14 years previous to its writing, to the home of Amercian businessman, Jim Thomspon, in Bangkok.  Credited with revitalising the Thai silk industry in the 1950s & 60s, Thomspon disappeared on Sunday March 26th 1967, while holidaying in Malaysia.  The mystery of his disappearance has never been solved.  Sydney, 1997

The view of Jim Thompson’s house from the canal, sourced from the collection of The James H.W. Thompson Foundation,. Acknowledgements to the ‘Wild’n’Free Diary’ where this image was posted and so attributed.

koh samui
an island its
round of beaches
the blood-warm sea
grazing the dark
of evening
with her, her sister
we were sitting under
the thatch looking out
to the mainland
unknown line from
which we’d come
watching the clouds
hatch dry lightning
light stitched across
seconds of sky
i wished myself
there in the lightning’s cut
where things like
disappearance invisibility
self in a new coloured shirt
a ghost’s hand on your
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