a painter reflects

a painter reflects 
to Klingsor of ‘Klingsor’s Last Summer’ by Hermann Hesse
july 2015

Image sourced from Paris Review & credited there as follows: Artwork By Hermann Hesse. Photograph by Martin Hesse Erben. Courtesy Of Volker Michels.

for me the loveliest lovers
were the landscapes the
aged the young naked in
sun or shower and no face
to stare you down in disdain
to question your eyes and
whatever right you might or
might not have to even look
they simply lay in the fullness
of harvest or lean with winter
honest to the point they cracked
open in summer dryness swelled
with river cried out in the flush
of light an afternoon storm
cast upon them entered your
eyes fumbled about your heart
warming the stones of old
loves burned out in fires
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