peacock chair

peacock chair
         for Nomindari
Номиндарьт зориупсан шүүпэг энэ бол


just to hear
you had such
a picture,
this one,
we had taken
for us that day,
would have been
enough to
know tears
even if uncried
caught at the
bridge of
the nose.

seeing it
i yet
lost it,
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January 2018
In full, the name is ‘Te Hokianganui a Kupe’, in English, ‘The place of Kupe’s Great Return’

My paternal grandmother’s family, the Von Sturmers, lived first eastward along these shores then later moved south. A Weathercat summer snap.

the place
Kupe returned
to his ‘windward’*
home in the
heaving plains
of ocean nor’east,
the place
i return
on the summer
flood of sun
on tide,
the brood of
winter mist,
places here
written into the
genes where
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