may, june 2022

Weathercat moon snap of Te Wai Mokoia.

on that shore
of the estuary
in risen sun down
roof and leaf
my shadow dangled
to and drew back
from those waters,
sprat and seaweed
salt smells
so knew myself stood
east, shadow
shortening to my
bare feet, right back
under the toe
or sandal lip by noon,
now this late age
on this shore,
a shadow growing
toward the tide
touching outstretched
on its waters
without feeling,
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avian fabrication

avian fabrication
april 2022, riverside

An avian fab nab by Weathercat Productions

when you start
watching the birds,
wherever you see them,
they will let you see
more of them, as though
you never really had,
whatever you thought
you saw, nothing more
than an idea of them,
a cave shadow,
until you start
watching the birds,
seeing them in air you
will see the hang
of their body buoyed
between wings, shag
gull, startling, plover,
will see the wings
move in styles apart
from kind to kind,
the birds will pause closer
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