Ich war Georg Trakl

Ich war Georg Trakl
‘I was Georg Trakl’ (1887 – 1914):
a theatrical prologue

Georg Trakl, poet into mirror’s dark

born 1887, salzburg, austria, where
i lived till 21, quitting the gymnasium*
for something better, those powders
and crystals in glass, working in a pharmacy
where i learnt much of mental colour and
intoxication in what was bottled on the
shelves, the morphine, the cocaine,
nights writing my plays that
swam in melancholy of the age,
and poems,
in 1908 i moved to vienna to
qualify in the pharmaceutic arts
whose products i loved well,
and met that boisterous crowd, the artists
unafraid of what the soul exhaled unbound
in their expression, while round them the
true hell gaped in pomp and trenches that were
being dug in mind and soon mud between the
peoples of europe, these friends helped my poems
into print to see the fading light of those days
and barely certified in the alchemical come chemical arts
i was drafted into uniform serving for a year,
yet released back into the shadows of an ordinary
life and its concerns like a garden grown rank,
i enlisted, assigned to the hospital at Innsbruck,
where evenings in the salons i would greet the
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      for Keikei

Tikapa Moana o Hauraki in sparkle

i want
to kiss
the heart
of your
the edge
of your
throw my
arms around
the night
and sunlit
river of
carrying me
apart in all

12 august 2016

Copyright ©2020 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music is from a live performance by the pianist Lang Lang of Debussy’s ‘La Fille aux cheveux de lin’ – ‘Girl with the Flaxen Hair’



Were the dogs from the other side of the sun?…. as they were glimpsed by the sunglassed Weathercats

i felt the darkness
on the other side
of the sun
the bright sea
and perfect wing,
of the islands
that lift off
the sea’s edge
like desert mirages
off a distant lake
of mercury
i felt the
darkness on the
other side of
faces laughing like
breezes over
afternoon hay
i felt darkness
on the back of the
clear waves rising
darkness swelling
under the sands
they ran upon
darkness through
my eyes under
waves under

may 2012

Copyright ©2020 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music is from Prelude No. 16 in B-Flat Minor of Dmitri Shostakovich’s ‘Preludes and Fugues for Piano, Op. 87’ (1950-51) and played in this recording by the composer himself. 

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