riverside love

riverside love
             for Keikei

Low pohutukawa branch in westering sun, photo by the wayward Weathercats

under the
seated on a
low branch
feet comfortable
on earth we
closed our eyes
felt the wind
fanned in
low sun
rising in our
kiss a wind
holding to
the skin as
it held to
the waters
and dimpled
them the
still there
in your
it was
and is
a riverside
love born
of tides
in the round
of moon the
cymbal clash
of sun on
a darkened
of waves
writ all
of a riverside
an estuary-side
in love

riverside ave
1 december 2016

Copyright ©2016 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

A live studio recording by Pat Metheny of the Lennon-McCartney ‘And I love her’

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