northern road

northern road

A road of the north travelled mostly by the weathers… I was there

the hawk lifting off
in the still wet
shadow across
the highway

fresh flowers before
low headstones in
a country graveyard

on a hillock
overlooking the
flat lands
to the sea.

our histories
run aground
near here.

june 2010

Copyright © 2021 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music is from a 2016 performance by Emma Sayers of David Farquhar’s ‘Sun and Shadow Telephonic No 13 721 230’;  acknowledgements to NZ on Air for use of the recording.

the punishment

the punishment

From a peek in the door it still seems to be the music room…

for a lark
we’d sing the
wrong words
to the songs
they had us
sing, until
that teacher
bid me write
since i liked
to fool around
and mock at
what was given,
a set of words
to one and
chirp it for her
at the piano,
that lark now
fled the skies,
and i struggled
on in ink, the
lined page an
ocean to sink
i pulled that
song apart and
frisked the words
for something
i could claim
my own, a feeling
no-one saw, the
angle a high-flying
bird might see,
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