flower shop

 flower shop
to N. & her daughter
Ulaanbaatar 2004, edited 2014

Flower shop
Further along that avenue…. with acknowledgements to Kenji Kitayama on Flickr for use of this image

that flower shop
at that corner of the
avenue flowers in
coloured buckets of
water stood before
dirty glass windows
not a shop for
exclusive shoppers
but anyone simply
in that dusty town
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deep end

deep end
to ‘Auntie’ Wanda Kiel-Rapana, april 2017

deep end
Finally making it there in December 2019, pic by Keikei

out Tolaga Bay way
my auntie’s hearth
and homestead earth
there’s a wharf you
can walk out beyond
the breakers, a wharf
to take you over the
line where the tide
changes colour as the
sea deepens and the
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