burning on

burning on
29 october 2014

Claude Monet, ‘Autumn Effects at Argenteuil’, 1873, with acknowledgements to dailyartmagazine.com for use of this image.

the sky was
grey and low
the smoke was
of the sky
the flames of the
garden fire burning
were richly of
the earth
the woman was
tidying up the garden
gathering up gloved
armfuls of dry
branch the cat
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to Frank Le Baige
2016, revised december 2021

Scratching names into nothing that will remember them… a Weathercat wander snap

how many of us
have tried
to scratch
our names
in the nothing
that lasted

on that beach,
in the sandstone
cliff that outcrops
on piled shell,
where the
strata arch over
a hollow,
hollower then,
though hardly
a cave, a spot
i’ve known
since childhood,
it’s there i’ll
look with eye
and finger for my
brother’s name
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