taking the ‘π’ out

taking the ‘π’ out
2 january 2022
By Big Cat with Little Cat supporting for spelling & punctuation with the so called ‘Cat Owner’ offering this public platform for its posting

Marcel Duchamp ‘Fountain’, 1917, photograph by Alfred Stieglitz. Source: Wikipedia

a one ready
made many*,
each as the
one of the one
in its whichever
time we knew
he’s truly taken
the piss out
of all
the pissotière
bone dry
a century on
the proof,
though some
have gallantly
upon it ,
they did so,
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in return

in return
for KK on her birthday


the sun flowers
bow their heavy
heads beribboned
in yellow lion’s
mane, faces
in seed,
‘gone to seed’
they say, yet
clearly the
best is yet
to come
in those
stippled packets
the finches
would pluck
to plunder,
enough of them
to line up a
planting in
rows to the
and you,
in your face,
the kindly
brightly sun
not always
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for tea

for tea
In British English ‘tea’ can refer to the early evening meal/dinner
october 2021

I shall be running down the right-of-way in shadow closing…

sometimes i walk
the streets where i
grew up and through
my head, late afternoons,
dusk or evening,
and i run home
down the right of way
for tea

though the ones that
stood at the door
and called me in
are gone long ago
like a property cleared
away and turned to
other things,
still i run home
down the right of way
for tea

when dust am i
in mind first
or in matter
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