avian fabrication

avian fabrication
april 2022, riverside

An avian fab nab by Weathercat Productions

when you start
watching the birds,
wherever you see them,
they will let you see
more of them, as though
you never really had,
whatever you thought
you saw, nothing more
than an idea of them,
a cave shadow,
until you start
watching the birds,
seeing them in air you
will see the hang
of their body buoyed
between wings, shag
gull, startling, plover,
will see the wings
move in styles apart
from kind to kind,
the birds will pause closer
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sydney, june 2000

On into the low evening… a Weathercat snap at tail of day

where things rested, they now fall.
wisps of cloud wash out like
the coming of final secrets
against the lighter cloud above.
rain from the sky of cloud
wakes on the evening
you know an inkling
______in its cold
through the leaves
wonder if you can stay
_______the dark.
rain like a vision of
_______gentleness lost
against things.
you stand in against
_______the trunk of
a tree whose branches
weigh like sleep
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february 1984

The Parthenon, Athens, with acknowledgements to the art site smarthistory.com for use of this image.

perhaps they paused on the scaffolding at the sky's bare cut on lintel, threshold / corridors through which the summer swelled / the sea hammered its metal. saw cloud bathe the ridge of imittós in thunderous sweat. recognised the chaos again their gable had severed / blocked in the goddess's sanctuary kiss of flame at her hem. they passed as time's measure upon time, left a greater ruin / an architecture no-one dreamed no-one crafted such as sky intends. this camera of bridging stone.

Copyright © 1986 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved.  Taken from my own collection ‘street hung with daylit moon’ published 1986; acknowledgements to Chamaeleon Press

Click on the link above to hear a reading of the poem.  The accompanying music is from B’ (Second) Delfikos Ymnos (Organikon) from the album ‘Music of Ancient Greece’ by Christodoulos Halaris, a Greek composer and scholar in the field of the reconstruction of Byzantine and ancient Greek music.

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