shoreline into evening

shoreline into evening
whitianga, february 1990

Whitianga wharf, with acknowledgements for use of this image to the ‘Crows Nest Apartments’ website.

sunken into place
the sand again
where the sea loses
the rise beds it
down again.

the sea shortens
stride lifts itself
over breaks open
white from the
shallows upward.

the beach goes out
like the summer
into the dark
we curtain out
open the glass
door to again
breathe a

so bearable cool
from the water
the light on
the jetty standing
deep upon it.

the sea casts
into dream
like bread
that draws
the fish to
full surface.

Copyright © 2021 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music for the reading is from a recording by pianist Javier Perianes of the first movement ‘Pagodes’ (Pagodas) from Debussy’s solo piano composition ‘Estampes’ (Prints), completed 1903.

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