icon: the village

                    icon: the village

Chora, Patmos, with acknowledgements to dreamstime.com for use of this image

set as to close upon themselves the careful fill of shade white plastered walls retrieved cold intact from the light. calloused shutters ajar stranding sun in a momentary room. an exile’s you’d imagine. little of home bed hard against the night-damp wall a lull of sweet smoke the table boasts an icon aged by hand in a city workshop sea calm by distance a minute’s view until you drink the blood-bitter coffee, difficultly talk. 1985 patmos, greece

Taken from my own collection ‘street hung with daylit moon’ published 1986. Acknowledgements to Chamaeleon Press

The music is from ‘Prelude’ by Greek guitarist & composer Minas Bogris.

2 thoughts on “icon: the village”

  1. makes me think of a Writer In Residence’, don’t know why, never had or applied for one…and the use of ‘exile’ : a hiding in unfamiliarity because of…well, pick your sin

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  2. Thanks Dean. I only have vague memories of the background to this…. seems I went with someone to visit their relative, and as they had been so long abroad they had a little trouble, they said, in expressing themselves properly in Greek. I remember the icon they’d bought in Athens on the table, through the window the sea and bright wind on its surface. Interesting that you felt the mood of displacement, the ‘writer in residence’.


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