for less

for less
   for June Le Baige, in memoriam

why did you
settle for
all that uncertainty
everything here at
the great divide
you can take
in your hand
or upward look
of the eye hear it
like thunder of
an autumn come
everything has
its place even if
in another’s pocket
yet you settled
for that other side
always a person who
liked things in
their rightful place
put back there
again and again
till time itself
runs out be damned
everything’s still
where it should be
yet you finally
settled for what
others have called
rightly or wrongly
a life after death
and i dreamt of you
just drifting through it
hands behind your
back and you walk
through an airport
terminal of old
varnished wood
among others
i don’t see
just shades dressed
in the garments of
this world
only you
and your fine
blue eyes that
saw me under
your hand
grow taller than
your tallest years
yet never
outgrew your
smartness your
gentle curiousity

16 march 2013

Copyright © 2013 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

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