wind pearl girl

wind pearl girl
for Keikei

around the
leaves the
swell of branch
lifting like a
worn reef
in cloud
you open your
hand to roll
her warmth
along the blood
the breeze of her
wind pearled
warm of cool

her breath
i chase up through
the hay, the noon
tucking shadow under
the arm, i trip
at sky where the
old gate opens
atop the ridge,
further wide
with her hip as
she verges
before me into
blue and harvests
the sweat of my
skin with her touch
wind pearled
warm of cool

hard to speak
of the roundness
of air, how it
clouds in a chill,
forever saying
something else
like wind in a
hole through rock,
such is her
skill. you reach
your fingers round
in embrace,
feeling the flee
of her grace in
form, a tear
that has fallen
from eve
till now
never to
be put back
in eden’s trust
wind pearled
warm of cool

june 2017

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