a bridge

a bridge
             sydney 1999

Not as visible as in my day. but still a presence….

the road i took from school
showed a dark hill above the
cut of pine on the golf course
this road seemed to make
straight for.
our school our house
on a peninsula
that hill in fact
the mount of a volcano
raised in midharbour.
in the afternoon
when we were let go
it played this trick
of being where it was not
acting the part of a hill
amazing me to
the point of
dreaming of walking through
those pines through gorse
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off the leash

off the leash
17 may 2021
pakuranga plaza

The Weathercats snapped them, but could not catch them…

obedient in green
a summer long,
by autumn
tanked up
on colours,
the leaves are
off the leash,
on asphalt,
running giddy
in sun,
the wind to

Copyright © 2021 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music is from the second of the ‘Drei Stücklein’ (Three Small Pieces) from the album of piano pieces ‘Bunte Blätter’ {Colored Leaves} by Robert Schumann.

katsura river

katsura river


Acknowledgements for use of this image of the Katsura river to earthtrekkers.com

the river smooth as stone an evening green veining the shallows tree-dark the river swiftens on. after the boats are tethered vagrant dreams knocking against the low wood. after the rowers are gone in small restaurants shifting against the low tables the day over carried in the rice its glaze saké turning the mind over at the lip. after the gardens turn out our eyes bent in night aside of the pruning hand. after night takes the surface in a faint grip of streetlight the river runs on deeper in mind. mind gone the river running on.

Copyright ©2016 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music is from track 4 ‘Edo Lullaby (shakuhachi, shamisen, biwa, koto, bells)’ from the album’ Japan (Traditional Vocal & Instrumental Music)’ recorded by the Soloists Of The Ensemble Nipponia