in dream

in dream
to Marco, poet and translator of Dante
14 june 2013, revised 24 march 2022

In dream
‘Plato’s Academy’, the fresco by Raphael, painted circa 1509 – 1511; image sourced from

you wrote
you’d dreamed
an owl came in
on a wave
of wing
through the
window opened
to star and field
to land in
a shock on
your shoulder,
told me
you’d met me
in dream, nothing
like i look in
that distant picture
of myself knowing
i never have managed
to resemble my own
image even in
your mother was
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power world in the kitchen

power world in the kitchen
to Jay 1978 – 2022,
know you’ll be at play in the out wherever

Jay and Nina getting the cheese ready for pizza, picture by Shani

why the hurry?
why this driving off
into a sunset that
gave way, brought
the whole set
crashing down?
in the kitchen, of
dirty propaganda,
dirty politics, dirty
money, and
the hardly-touched-
power world
you outlined of
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at a window

at a window
dedicated to June Le Baige & the other residents of the Claud Switzer home, Kaitaia

With acknowledgements to the WordPress site ‘Little Farm in the City’ for use of this image of a choko vine.

at the window
you’re complaining about
the lights not being
on, looking out
across the drive
at the hedge there
and its dry choko vine
died off for
this year
is it
or gone for good
can’t tell
can’t tell which
it is
done for or not

i thought of you
in the trough of
dark i woke in
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