Te Werahi Beach & the promised land

*Te Werahi Beach & the promised land
the rhyme of the rock & headline, taken in that dawn, the waves were the only person walking
from the drenched shadow of the morning cliff
looking west it lay out on the running ocean
Cape Maria van Diemen,
a name scratched down once of a time
by restless europeans on parchment,
a promised land of the dawn
mapped in early gold
sand hills forged as
simple as cloud along
the still pink rim of sky west
or a rock on the inward rush
of a wave the beach wide
hid a city on the other side
of old things,

Duino autumn

Duino* autumn

Castello di Duino near Trieste, Italy

saw a man in overalls
in the courtyard this morning
trying to knock down the
leaves of the ornamental
peach ripping the rake handle
along the twigs and branch
looking for an early fall
to save the sweeping
of dry leaves rotten leaf
between brick that comes
later on
stay your hand, friend,
lest god shake your tree
too soon
*’Oh trees of life, oh
when winterly?’ wrote
Rilke who heard the angels
in halls of the ear,
in rooms overlooking the
sea, the deeper standing
of their voice, a stronger
being here* than that
given us felt their
voice in moon in wind
in the turnings up and out
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