january 2000, sydney

Cecil St, Ashfield, Sydney, upon which I dwelt, with thanks to the photographer.

the trees on this street
hold it_ arrest our wandering
in an air the sun_ the bared touch
of the sun has inflamed.

the trunks are forward
in space_ not upward through
the leaves of this summer
rememberless turning
a breeze

rain on the bark smells
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august 2022

The image, sourced via Pinterest & linked to the site ‘worldhistory.org’, is credited there to Fred Dunn & captioned: A modern camel caravan in Morocco.

in the heat
they said you
would see things
of __s h _i _m__m_e_ r,
delicious tableaux
of water that gives
at the touch like
skin into dark pools,
skin fragrant in
its sweat, sweet
in its salt,
they said
that if you took
the stairs that
tremble like
mercury held
to a flame
as if
they were
truly there,
they would
give way into
waking on a
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