power world in the kitchen

power world in the kitchen
to Jay 1978 – 2022,
know you’ll be at play in the out wherever

Jay and Nina getting the cheese ready for pizza, picture by Shani

why the hurry?
why this driving off
into a sunset that
gave way, brought
the whole set
crashing down?
in the kitchen, of
dirty propaganda,
dirty politics, dirty
money, and
the hardly-touched-
power world
you outlined of
spores and fungi,
your photo of
the giant buddha
and that flying thing
among the clouds,
where are these
mysteries, man, you
carried in your
pocket now?
you’re running,
shoes kicked far
and away, running
on dark turf
at the big
going for
the tackle

Copyright ©2022  Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

Click on the link above to hear a dust and rain reading of the poem. 

A reading in the said kitchen is posted here below:

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