at a window

at a window
dedicated to June Le Baige & the other residents of the Claud Switzer home, Kaitaia

With acknowledgements to the WordPress site ‘Little Farm in the City’ for use of this image of a choko vine.

at the window
you’re complaining about
the lights not being
on, looking out
across the drive
at the hedge there
and its dry choko vine
died off for
this year
is it
or gone for good
can’t tell
can’t tell which
it is
done for or not

i thought of you
in the trough of
dark i woke in
last night, would
have given you
some kind of hand,
something to calm
your thoughts of all
that might follow,
looking out there
from your bed to
that curtained window
under this same
lowered sky,
all day stuck on wheels
that you slowly turn,
being careful, not
knowing if you
should even
for what’s to lose
but that going light,
the light of
your eyes.

Copyright ©2012 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

Click on the link above to hear a bread & water reading of the poem. 

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