a handful of seeds on air

a handful of seeds on air
26 August 2022 for New Zealand National Poetry Day ‘Given Words’ competition.  The words were: Different, thankful, help, dream, warrior

A Weathercat wonder snap

we saw it
round the world,
this moment of the
occupier on the
street, the soldier
in his uniform
with big gun
at the hip
to shoot the
way clear to Kiev
might have thought
this grandmother
was just being rightfully
thankful, coming
forward as if in
welcome, stuffing
with persistent fingers
a generous helping of
sunflower seeds into
his chest pocket, and
patting it down, his thinking
it so a foolish dream, when
she explained matter
of factly that these
seeds would ensure
some good would come
of his dying there, helping
the earth come forth
in flower, and we saw
how this gesture was
the mark of a different
kind of warrior, the oldest
one of all who simply
will not submit, that
being their only

Copyright ©2022 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved.  With acknowledgements to ‘Given Words’ (https://nzgivenwords.blogspot.com/) where this poem was first posted.

Click on the above link to hear a plainsong rendering of the poem. 

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