february 1984

The Parthenon, Athens, with acknowledgements to the art site for use of this image.

perhaps they paused on the scaffolding at the sky's bare cut on lintel, threshold / corridors through which the summer swelled / the sea hammered its metal. saw cloud bathe the ridge of imittós in thunderous sweat. recognised the chaos again their gable had severed / blocked in the goddess's sanctuary kiss of flame at her hem. they passed as time's measure upon time, left a greater ruin / an architecture no-one dreamed no-one crafted such as sky intends. this camera of bridging stone.

Copyright © 1986 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved.  Taken from my own collection ‘street hung with daylit moon’ published 1986; acknowledgements to Chamaeleon Press

Click on the link above to hear a reading of the poem.  The accompanying music is from B’ (Second) Delfikos Ymnos (Organikon) from the album ‘Music of Ancient Greece’ by Christodoulos Halaris, a Greek composer and scholar in the field of the reconstruction of Byzantine and ancient Greek music.

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