getting it wrong

getting it wrong
mellons bay, november 2019

those dark patches were in it, I thought, not on it…. a Weathercat windward snap

thought those
dark drifting
patches on
were in it,
shoals of
stingray in
the tide,
no matter
how many times
was told those
patches were
couldn’t believe it,
looking up saw
clouds lighted in
sun, surely not
could something of
the heavens,
something light
as love, light as
leaf shadow, throw
such darknesses
from the beach,
hoist sail
from the shore?
already knew the
sea in sparkle does
darken in chase
when the wind’s
frown scoots over
it, rippled like the
of that good
knife we had
from our
table, a table
that unfolded
the war in
morning paper,
as i heard,
knew whatever
these steady
drifts so intent
on their direction
were, they
left me on
a shore with
a shop that
opened summer
perhaps love was
like that? a summer
thing, be there
or miss out,
no-one opens
out of season,
something too
to be learned
and would i,
as ever, get
it wrong?

Copyright © 2022 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved.  

Click on the link above to hear a reading of the poem.  The accompanying music is from the the first two pieces (‘Angelico’ & the opening bars of ‘Lent’) from Book 1 of ‘Musica Callada’ by Catalan composer Ferderico Mompou (1893 – 1987), performed here in a recording by the composer himself.

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