december 2015
marine parade, howick

aquamarine – the Weathercats had their tails in the air to catch this transient wind-turned colour from this height

times it’s
between cloud
shadow that sea
from here to
waiheke and the
faded coromandels,
i’ve never
known when it
comes, this time,
have never seen
this aquamarine
come over a sea
as i watched,
except once
igniting the
gulf storm grey
as cloud was
clearing it lasted
only minutes
until the grey
mostly it’s just
there laid
out before you
on the day,
at the time,
with drifts
of shadow
standing on*
and this time
looking down at
it from this hill
the branches of
that double-trunked
pine in this wind
are seething on it
riding it
like breakers,
like boats on
a heavy sea

*a nautical term meaning ‘to hold ones course’

Copyright © 2021 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music accompanying the reading is from the 2nd improvisation of Keith Jarret’s Piano Solo performance recorded on 24 October 1988 in Madrid.  The wind chimes were played by the wind out on the terrace.

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