blowing out

blowing out
19 july 2021
riverside ave

blowing out
autumn haberdashery in a window display as imagined by a cat with an umbrella

the fading
god of autumn
at the bus stop
in answer to my
question that touched
him like a breeze
on his loose shoulder
whispered to me
in boarding that
the length of any
life was just a
minute, the minute
in which you
are, every other
time was just
leaves in the making
leaves in the falling
we only have a
minute and he
waved like a
gull sheering off
the wind as the
bus pulled

his words
rattled about
among my
‘a minute to
live and
remember the
whole thing
in its
he had

Copyright © 2021 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music for the reading is from the Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion, Sz. 110, BB 115 (1937) by Bela Bartok, performed here by Sir Georg Solti & Murray Perahia on pianos and Dame Evelyn Glennie and David Corkhill on percussion.  Little Cat contributes a strategic meow. 

An attempted ‘spooky’ rendition is here placed below:

3 thoughts on “blowing out”

  1. enjoy all rumination on Time, leaves like minutes , days, decades dissolved back into the feedback loop at the base of the clock.


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