tattoo of the muse

tattoo of the muse


According to the information given on, where this image was sourced, ‘Frida drew many self-portraits with her pets and this is one of those and she included her parrots in this painting. When this portrait was painted she was just remarried with Diego but was having a love affair with Nickolas Muray, who helped Frida with her first exhibition in New York in 1938 and was a successful portrait photographer.’

your name a hot needle stitch under the skin in a m u s cle of DESIGN. details hinting f i n e as the images the dusk seals on your eye. for its THERE i believe truly we stand. on the crumbling BANK OF EVENING AND the stars are the Bleeding stems of flowers sheared off by the c o o l blade of the dark. it’s these DETAILS like a choreographer’s scribble a muddle of difficult STEPS and balances the precision about your name it’s these details journeys touches that linger like j ou rn e y s i’d have d r a w n within the blue line of a h e a rt. july 1988 london

Copyright © 2021 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music for the reading is from the Kyrgzy pop song ‘Appak suiuu’ (White Love) as recorded by the Kryghz singer, Yulia Ruskaya.  A link to the video is posted here below.

2 thoughts on “tattoo of the muse”

  1. the stars are the
    Bleeding stems
    of flowers
    sheared off by the
    c o o l blade of the dark…. wow peter [there’s an image to trip out on!]


    1. Ha, Dean, yer, you could put it in a pipe and smoke it. Don’t know exactly where my head was when I wrote it those 32 years ago, somewhere round London. Something to do with the muse, and her absolute ruthless beauty, perhaps….


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