sort of day

sort of day
2 september 2018

A Nestle ‘Winning Post’ box, with acknowledgments to the Mokau Museum & Gallery for use of this image.

not muchof a day out there,
rain clouds coming in
low, insistent truckies
dumping their loads down
the wind just where
you don’t want it,
the air damp
to the bone,
though you would have
thought it good enough,
a decent ‘breeze’ to sail in
tacking back and forth
across the chop of estuary
churning, or out in the garage
with tea and gingernuts
ferried out to you,
getting on with something
long put off,
later a strum on the mandolin,
guitar lifted carefully out
of its latched case,
aside whatever else
was given, some new tool,
the box of Winning Post
and that humming and hawing
about what centre to choose
just stopped you getting
to the chocolate you said,
just your sort of day,
you could even say,
a father’s day

Copyright © 2018 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music for the reading is from a rendition of the traditional Neapolitan song ‘Santa Lucia’ arranged for mandolin and guitar.  The performers credited the makers of their instruments, but neglected to credit themselves.  I chose this tune as a backing to the poem as my dad used to play it on the mandolin and I would accompany him in my teenage years on his guitar.

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