in case

in case
for Nomindari
14 march 2021

Nomindari’s son, Itgelguun, born 14 may

just in case
you hadn’t,
i asked your
mother to lend
you that strength
she used to
climb out of
a broken life,
until those
stairs, her
own body,
she stays
i know
you know
she sent you
blessings in
the deep gathering
of your breath
in muscle,
so your boy born
into night to bring
us day, in his
first steps
shall lengthen
the stride of
the ancestors,
hers first
of all,
his hunger
the arrow
that rises from
the past
falling on
into a future,
his and

Copyright ©2021 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music for the reading is from the popular Mongolian song ‘ Хаврын шөнийн бодол’ (Thoughts on a Spring Night) as interpreted by the Mongolian singer Tungalag Dashzevegiin.

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