through ruins

through ruins
june 2021

through ruins
were more than enough to start with

the ruins
were more
than enough
to start with,
in scatters
they turned
to dust in
the hand,
still we
wetted that
stirred with
trowel and
it into walls
of houses,
streets we
in moments,
some green,
some rose,
some grey
as old news
of a ‘new
soon the
bombs fell
from the sky
like un-inventions,
science in service
of murder,
blew structures
like straws across
the fields, stones,
bricks to build
with from
the ruins,
raised our
to lay their
bodies out
in tears, bury
them with
broken toys,
the grief just
too much dust
in the throat,
dry as these
words that
buy nothing,
the grief hardened
to cartridges we
shot into our
ancient hearts,
chests intact,
we built the
stories of their
never to be had
futures onward,
turned our cheek
to our selves,
the knowing ones
said it would only
be a matter of time,
matter no matter
matter of the times

Copyright ©2021 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music is from the adagio of Dmitri Shostakovich’s
Symphony No. 7, “Leningrad”, performed here in a recording by the London Philharmonic Orchestra under Bernard Haitink.

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