a bridge

a bridge
             sydney 1999

Not as visible as in my day. but still a presence….

the road i took from school
showed a dark hill above the
cut of pine on the golf course
this road seemed to make
straight for.
our school our house
on a peninsula
that hill in fact
the mount of a volcano
raised in midharbour.
in the afternoon
when we were let go
it played this trick
of being where it was not
acting the part of a hill
amazing me to
the point of
dreaming of walking through
those pines through gorse
to a bridge bending
up round a new sky
toward that hill, that
island of late shadow.
i’d wake with the
feeling of having
made it over
a delight in it
like the sun
in dew
on cut grass.
that hill
in its afternoon shades
witching others
coming back now
on that same
warm road.

Copyright ©2021 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music is from a live performance of “Glass”, an improvisational piece composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Carsten Nicolai, known by his stage name as Alva Noto, for Yayoi Kusama’s installation Dots Obsession—Alive, Seeking for Eternal Hope, which ran in September 2016 at Philip Johnson’s Glass House in Connecticut, USA.

2 thoughts on “a bridge”

  1. I find all Auckland a marvel of light tricks and lit emptiness between the undulations of volcano. Interstellar music


    1. Yes, ‘lit emptiness between undulations of volcano’ could be a painted landscape of Auckland. You’d better try writing/painting it that way. Thanks for your rich comment!


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