house of minutes

house of minutes

Loftus Hall in Wexford, apparently haunted; acknowledgements to for use of this image.

the house
of minutes


in the corners
where you
never go

born under
this star
born under
‘fixed’ or
like ore
under the
bone the
gist of you
laid out before
you ever came
to know of
time came
to the door
of this house
of minutes

find yourself
always well back
from the windows
the view
sun on glass
pinned against
the darkness
of the walls
like pictures
cut out from
books of
faded valleys

you know
the voices
walk with
the others
there adrift
through the
hall to the
all hands
reaching for
the one tear
among them
that comes
like a marble
tapping its way
down the

is singing
field of hours
plain of days
i roamed
the field of
hours plain
of days

19 november 2013

*’fixed’ or ‘mutable’ as used in astrology refers to two of the three groupings of zodiacal signs.

Copyright © 2021 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music, from the Cavatina from Beethoven’s string quartet Op. 130, is from a 1999 recording by the Kodály Quartet.

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