The wind’s violin danced me on and upwards…

it began,
the coming to
whatever was around
me, the step in of sun
through glass,
the scrawled
stick-voices of birds
in the hedge,
and scratchings of their
feet on iron roof,
the tastes bright as
formica, the touches
on leaves, a nose
into flowers,
and later,
whichever way
to school you took
a steep run uphill,
the wind’s violin
at your back dancing
you on and upward,
the land blown out
like a birthday
candle behind you,
the estuary laid out
in boat and patchwork
of glittering gust
the pieces of a
splendid board game,
the wind in your face
on the way home,
the estuary run out
on the low tide
like the edge of a
ragged aquarelle

january 2021

Copyright © 2021 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music is from the Orchestra of St. Luke’s performance of J.S Bach’s Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: Aria, in an arrangement by the conductor Bernard Labadie

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