the punishment

the punishment

From a peek in the door it still seems to be the music room…

for a lark
we’d sing the
wrong words
to the songs
they had us
sing, until
that teacher
bid me write
since i liked
to fool around
and mock at
what was given,
a set of words
to one and
chirp it for her
at the piano,
that lark now
fled the skies,
and i struggled
on in ink, the
lined page an
ocean to sink
i pulled that
song apart and
frisked the words
for something
i could claim
my own, a feeling
no-one saw, the
angle a high-flying
bird might see,
put something on
the page, a story
like the story told,
but dropped from
that high view,
presented it
that lunchtime
to her in her
room, when she
asked if i were
to sing it too,
not remembering
her sentence,
i lied and said
new words were
all the task she
put to me,
and dismissed
i ran straightway
out that hangman’s
door to play

8 march 2020
bucklands beach

Copyright © 2021 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music is from No. 2. Elevation from 6 Romances sans paroles, Op. 76 by French pianist and composer Cécile Chaminade; this is a remastered recording from the original made by her in the early 20th century (her existent recordings were made in 1901, and 1920 – 1927:

4 thoughts on “the punishment”

    1. Many thanks, James. Most of the time the reading is done with little time to do it, and often it’s the first successful reading of the piece that I post; the others have probably had problems with the choice of music, or I have flubbed the reading. I record the music and the poem at the same time and hope for some artistic ‘miracle’ to sort it all out. In a more perfect world, I would record and re-record and on and on until the unmatched ‘final cut’, perhaps getting it a little smoother, but probably less genuine as well.


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