in sight

in sight

in sight
The shadow of so many concrete things came… snapped here by a Weathercat

we knew
when those
roads were laid
in what were
for us to
lie in
cloud gazing,
the cows that
all haunch and
tail nonchalance
through the
school fields,
we knew when
we saw asphalt
and glaring concrete
pavements across
the bulldozed clay,
wire fences bundled
up in tangle,
knew our
summer days of grass,
kite, the fight with
learning at a desk we
would lift the lid of to
knock another under
the chin,
the stamping in
winter ponds
and puddles
along the road
to muddy another
was something
we were growing
out of into manlier
times, and we knew
the time of looking
at the bigger kids
would soon be
over as we
took their place,
knew the end
was in sight
of what had
been our world,
and we the big
little ones that
tried to turn
it around,
we knew the
end was in
sight of our
games, that
with the dusk
were always
brought inside.

19 april 2020

Copyright © 2021 Peter Le Baige. All Rights Reserved

The music is from the opening of Alexander Borodin’s ‘In the Steppes of Central Asia’ recorded here by the USSR State Academic Orchestra under Evgeny Svetlanov

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