the bamboo

the bamboo

Misty Bamboo on a Distant Mountain’, dated 1753 by Chinese painter Zheng Xie, image (public domain) sourced from

her leaves
an instant
the wind

a grove of rain
tethered as
green fibre
and root.

its spirit sews
my nerve again

to leave
pain’s shell:

calcium scar
from a once sea
in rock

october 1982

Copyright ©1986 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved.  Reproduced from my own publication ‘street hung with daylit moon’, Chamaeleon Press

The music is from ‘Edo Lullaby’ as performed by the Soloists Of The Ensemble Nipponia ‎on their album ‘Japan: Traditional Vocal & Instrumental Music’ (recorded 1976)

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