nie placz, nie

nie placz, nie

The corn poppy, the Polish national flower, image courtesy of Pinterest

he saw them,
he could not
see them,
he read them,
he could not
touch the
cable of
their meaning,
these letters
scratched into
brick, might
have been stone,
read as cracking in
the wall of grief,
a rambling
mark on walls
through which
lives were flushed
in such haste,
cracks were to
be expected, the
lie the lamb told
the knife that
took it,
if he knew
the blood
in saying
of them,
yet spat it
onto cold
under boot,
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moon night_Aivazovsky
‘Moonlit Night on the Crimea. Gurzuf’, 1839 by the renowned marine painter, Ivan Aivazovsky (with acknowledgements to

the moon
cleared the
mumbled ridge
of cloud,
clear away now
in no voice
spoke silver
through the
pale gallery
of sky
pitched pine
shadow against
its fall on
the sea
silver coins
rounding and
faster and
faster to
rest on
the carved
table of
marble in
the drops of
the shower

scorpio moon, evening, 14 may 2014

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The music is from the Adagio opening of Cello Sonata No. 1, Op. 12 (1911) by Nikolay Myaskovsky, interpreted in this recording by Alexander Rudin on cello and Victor Ginsburg on piano.


setting sail again

setting sail again
                       to Odysseus

‘He tried not to see the boats caught there on dry land’ sprung into frame by the Weathercats

been a man
of the shore
too long now
without sea legs
is to be
without a wind
a drift of journeys
cut back and forth
across an ocean.

i long to see
land no more than
peaks at the
edge of an horizon
flashing out
of view
as we buck
down in

i long
to win back
the land
in the opening
out of calm
after storm
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