off the shoulder

off the shoulder

Untitled (black on gray) by Mark Rothko, with acknowledgements to the Guggenheim online collection for use of this image

the stars
i like more
than the rest:
the ones you
catch sight of
down a right-of-way
of the night,
just above
a road cresting
the hill,
tampering with
the shadowed
edge of trees,
the stars
come down
above a fence,
a skyline, in
putting the
lie across
they’re close
close as a
dream in
the waking.

nelson st, howick
june 2, 4, 2013

Copyright ©2020 Peter Le Baige

The music is from Ryuichi Sakamoto’s performance of his composition ‘Blu’ with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra



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    1. Hi Joann, many thanks for letting me know, and glad you enjoyed the reading. I think it helps keep in front of the reader’s mind that it’s more something for the ear, rather than just the eye.


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