how it fits

how it fits
for N. of the Altai

Tolgoit district of Ulaanbaatar, acknowledgements to Beth Burdick on Flickr for the use of this image.

yesterday evening
walking down a
street of star,
street light and crickets
houses angled in shadow
like autumn pending,
i recalled that city*
where i bled through
a life, recalled the poems
i scratched out there
that only felt like
driving a nail through
your own hand or
was it heart?
words that were
hard and frozen
through that winter
that shuffled the fate
of so many you knew,
the vodka run out
and blood in the
vein turns to
snow crystals,
a splendour in early
sun that fatally
melts, recalled a
funeral there
with chanting in
a tongue* none
who mumbled and
rocked along with it
could understand
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