estuary blues

estuary blues

A blown afternoon on the estuary as picked up by Big Cat

nothing else
the light still known
pushed along the water
in slivered blue and grey
toward the hulls of
moored yachts
launches turned into
the stammering wind
of an afternoon
waiting the next
rains from across
the estuary

the houses over
the road from the shore
the streets further back
are an empty head
where nothing’s
only a number
a family name
a child
poor at school
who left
did well

the reefs i fished off
crumbling steadily
under the incoming
tide will rise
again in the
sleep i will carry
a world away
from this
this afternoon
of glimmering

june 2010

Copyright ©2020 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music is from a recording by Michiko Uchida of the fifth and final ‘song’ of Robert’s Schumann’s Op. 133 ‘Gesänge der Frühe’ (Songs of Dawn)

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