right of way

right of way*

One of the neighbourhood right of ways remaining still, image siphoned from a backyard by the Weathercats.

have taken all
the cuts of land
right back to
back almost,
yet i ask
leave me just
that right of way
the way through
i walked this
evening again
into the backyard
untended dark
along the right
of way, yard upon
yard, to see if
i could glimpse
the fruit left
to rot on branch
washing hung
in a distant porch
light like unkept
promises of
bodies clothed.
along the right
of way i heard
the back of
clocks, ovens,
tv sets, book cases,
the night side
of lamps, the
kitchen dreams
bagged in
black plastic,
a wind chime
notes over
steps to a
door of
sleep under
the march
of wallpaper
fishes, wolves,
elephants in
step across
a slant in
of moon
the right
of way.

september 2012
bucklands beach

Copyright ©2020 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

1. a legal right of passage over another person’s ground
2a: the area over which a right-of-way exists

The music is from Beethoven’s ‘Serenade for flute, violin & viola in D major’, Op. 25, performed here by:
Flute: Karlheinz Zöller
Violin: Thomas Brandis
Viola: Siegbert Ueberschaer


2 thoughts on “right of way”

  1. reminds me of my many night wanders, or evening runs, looking into propertie feeling we share the one bubble of existence


    1. Exactly that feeling, Dean, and I was thinking later of the idea of a ‘right of way’, the precious right to cut across the sacred property of ideas, to cut across man made borders, physical and mental.


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