Konitsa – in memoriam 1948

konitsa* – in memoriam 1948
* small town near the greek-albanian border; the area, the konitsa gorge in particular, saw some of the worst fighting in the greek civil war

Gorge _Aoou
The Gorge of the Aoos river (η χαράδρα Αώου) at the foot of the town of Konitsa. With acknowledgements to the Greek site inepirus.gr

the rush
of shadow
upon the gorge
the sun pounded
open on the cliff
like eucalyptus bark

a stitch of
pine and snow
darkening along
the sky’s
you shot through
like the echo
of the gun

burnished under
the flare of
the waters
sour threads
of khaki
punched into
the flesh
the blood
all of a day
to congeal
the river

your dying
no more justified
in the undertow
of word.

december 1988

Copyright ©2020 Peter Le Baige.  All Rights Reserved

The music is from Arvo Pärt’s ‘Fratres’ as arranged by the composer for violin, string orchestra and percussion. 

2 thoughts on “Konitsa – in memoriam 1948”

  1. nice combination of the absurdist beauty and violence, death amongst impassive Actuality.


    1. That sums it up neatly, Dean of Steve, in that most beautiful of gorges, I couldn’t help but hear mentally the echo of the gun through it that smashed someone downward into cold and running waters, cold as time.


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